Windows Server 2016

A Powerful Windows Operating System for Small Businesses

You’ll know when your business is ready to move up to Windows Server

Maybe you already have a network and it’s started to creak perhaps you’re still managing with individual PC’s that don’t talk to one another. You just know you need to find something better. Either way, you need to secure your business information on a central server, and ensure that all your people have day-today access to software applications and data. Dacom Services delivers servers preloaded with Windows Server 2016, which do just that.

Windows Server 2016 provides essential networking services for organisations with up to 75 users. Microsoft is aiming Windows Server 2016 at businesses that have little or no dedicated in-house IT expertise, and has simplified the inbuilt network monitoring and management tools. Core features include shared central file systems, automated daily backups and remote access via the web.

Not every business relies on software residing on dedicated server. Increasingly, companies are using web-based, applications that reduce the need for internal complexity. Microsoft, seeing the evolution of two distinct types of customer, adapted its Windows Server 2016 accordingly.

Choose The Windows Server OS That’s Right For Your Business

Windows Server 2016 Standard caters for the more traditional, in-house approach to networking, while Windows Server 2016 Essentials is for organisations that prefer to travel light. The Essentials package is good for up to 24 users, and is priced with small-business budgets in mind.

As a Microsoft Certified Professional with extensive experience configuring, installing and managing Business Computers & Servers, Dacom Services is equipped to help you decide which is right for you.

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