Windows Server 2016 Essentials

A powerful Windows Server OS for small businesses

Look no further than Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Essentials

You run a young, lean business that neither wants nor needs the baggage of a traditional computer system. You know you need to centralise and protect your core business data, but beyond that, you and your people work on the web. Look no further than Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Essentials.

Microsoft captures the essence of Essentials: “Everything your business needs in a server, nothing it doesn’t.” If you need file and printer sharing for up to 25 users, automated data backups and remote access via the web, you’ll find Window Server 2016 Essentials.

Essentials is designed with cloud-based working firmly in mind. Extend your server’s functionality by connection to Microsoft’s Office 365, a full suite of personal productivity tools that resides on the web. Low-cost and subscription-based, Office 365 includes all Office applications, Outlook Web Access email, SharePoint online document sharing. You also get LyncOnline, a communications service that includes instant messaging, VoIP and video calling.

Take a step further, Window Server 2016 Essentials also supports cloud-based data backup, if you prefer not to rely on local backup media that may be subject to damage or loss, use the web. Rest assured that your business data is secure, no matter where you are.

Flexibility, Control and Power without compromise: Windows Server 2016 Essentials

You can have the best of all worlds. Keep you server under your direct control while working wherever you want to be. Minimise your overheads and develop a flexible, web based business that communicates, collaborates and cooperates using the power of Windows Server 2016.

Let us handle all aspects of computer sales and service for your organisation. In addition to reliable server hardware, Dacom also supplies Windows Server 2016 operating software and Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud-based office application suite. Only settle for the best.

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