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OpenScape Business V2

OpenScape Business offers small and medium-sized businesses the answers to their individual and diverse communication needs in a unified, flexible and scaleable solution. The OpenScape Business solution architecture can be deployed independently of existing telephony infrastructure, regardless of whether traditional telephony, IP or DECT is involved. From powerful telephony to a comprehensive UC solution, OpenScape Business always provides the right solution for all enterprises with up to 500 stations or 1500 stations at Business S or in a network 2000 stations.


Unified Communications

Unified communications is a methodology that unifies separate modes of communication into single, combined user experience. Email, text, and voice messaging work seamlessly with live voice, audio and video conferencing, and Web collaboration, in one interface, with ‘presence’ notification to indicate your availability to participate.

A finger swipe lets you move between tablet, smartphone, or desktop phones, while One Number Service lets calls follow you to whatever device you select – whether office, home, or fishing lodge – completely transparent to your caller. And unified communications can be integrated or embedded into your business process software.

Desk Phones

OpenScape Desk Phone CP series

Future Outlook: New standard devices that focus on power efficiency, application integration & user friendly design. By thoughtfully focusing on primary features, we’ve condensed the new phone family into a concentrated portfolio that still meets a broad set of user scenarios. It’s an easier to manage, cost effective set of devices with user focused features.

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Technical Specification

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