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Secure on-site backup with the option of additional off-site backups for added peace of mind

One of the greatest challenges companies face is when a server crashes. How do you get that server up and running again and then restore data as quickly as possible? A typical manual system rebuild process takes four to eight hours – often substantially longer if a database is involved.

Dacom Services relies on Shadow Protect, a leading on-site backup and restore system offering fast and reliable data protection, recovery and migration from a secure on-site backup – with the option of additional off-site backups for added peace of mind.

Shadow Protect systems are renowned for their rapid recovery and restoration to existing or new hardware, which means your business computers are up and running quickly and economically, even in the event of major server or hard drive failure.

When you need rapid data recovery

Shadow Protect also excels at providing recovery of individual files or folders when you have lost critical files, without needing to do a full system restore. Because Shadow Protect is designed with windows serves in mind, so when you need a system upgrade, migration to new machines is fast and easy.

Of course, your backup is only as good as your latest copy: Shadow Protect incrementally backs up new files and folders as you add them, and does scheduled complete backups as well to ensure your data is preserved in the event of your server going down. Read more about Shadow Protect Desktop and Shadow Protect Server or view ShadowCraft Protect Data Sheet.

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