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Data Loss Can Spell the End for Your Business

Protect your business from disaster with reliable data backup and restore systems

Data loss is truly one of the worst things that can happen to your organisation. Most businesses recognise they have huge capital tied up in computer hardware, but by far the biggest asset in modern companies is the information stored on the business computer systems – company information, client information, financial records, procedure documents, compliance information, personnel records and more.

The loss of this data will be disastrous for your business, so protect yourself with reliable insurance in the form of data backup and resotre systems. Whether data loss results from problems with your software, hardware, human error, physical damage or even electrical storms, without effective backup systems, salvaging your data is at best expensive at worst impossible.

Dacom Services have evaluated leading data backup and restore solutions and have identified a suite of robust, effective and cost efficient solutions to suit the needs of businesses large and small. Our portfolio includes dedicated hardware backup solutions that provide constant backups and on-site instant recovery – optionally combined with cloud storage in the event of damage to the local unit – as well as purely cloud – based solutions that provide the convenience of off site storage with minimal hardware investment.

Don’t risk making errors if you ever need to restore your data

Dacom Services not only supply and install backup software and associated hardware, we provide backup monitoring and also specialise in remote and on-site data restoration – including finding and recovering individual files and folders.

While our systems are highly user-friendly, don’t risk making errors if you ever need to restore you backup, this is the critical moment when you investment in a backup system is put to the test. We ensure you data is protected (including any changes since the most recent backup) and that all saved data is correctly recovered. You get all the essential components of a backup and restore system including:

  • Backup
  • Recovery
  • File and Folder Recovery
  • Virtual Boot
  • Remote Management
  • Automatic Backups

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