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A common decision facing business owners is choosing between a pass produce computer and one built specifically for their business needs

You wouldn’t design a house without consulting the experts – architects, engineers and builders. Your computers need the same professional attention if you expect them to perform reliably, everyday, all year round.

Relying on an off-the-shelf computer system could severely limit your business or even leave you open to risk from inadequate data backup and other essential computer services. The importance of quality hardware and backups is critical to businesses as the cost of recovering from a major system failure is high.

Dacom Services employs trained engineers who specify, design and build your computer system according to your individual needs. Dacom uses highly reliable, branded components in all desktops and workstations, and installs the latest release of operating systems and application software with all service packs applied. We deliver peace of mind; you enjoy uninterrupted use of your new computer.

Every system supplied by Dacom is covered for at least 12 months by a comprehensive warranty that includes all parts and labour. The service includes transfer or you exisiting data – documents, emails, printer drivers and favourites – to your new machine, and a full test of all application software prior to shipment. Our aim is to install you new computers without interrupting your work.

High-end PCs for business and leisure purposes

For users on the move, Dacom supplies a comprehensive range of laptops and notebook computers. we have been a HP Business partner for over 7 years, and offer highly competitive deals on the latest HP and HP Compaq models. Dacom also configures portable computers for use with local data backup media – something that is often overlooked.

Home users need not feel left out. Dacom has a growing base of domestic customers that use high-end PC’s for leisure purposes, including home theatre, multimedia and gaming. The same level of skill, experience and attention to detail goes into specifying and building these high-performance machines; selecting the correct peripherals is no less critical than for a business machine.

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you can talk to us directly – Dacom is only a phone call away. If we can’t solve your problem remotely, we’ll take steps to get you back up and running as swiftly as possible, often within minutes or hours. In the event the problem is serious and will take longer, we’ll configure a replacement machine for you to use until we can repair your original unit to ensure your business can continue with minimal disruption.

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