Business Servers

Taking Care of Central Data Storage and Backup

There’s little point having state of the art software and operating processes if your network keeps crashing around your ears.


Your business needs a solid foundation for its computer systems. Make sure you have a robust, modern server that provides a sound platform for your computer infrastructure

Business servers aren’t complicated beasts – they are ¬†powerful computers that take care of central data storage and backup, networking services and centralised functions that often include printing and communications.

Dacom Services builds your business server to suit your individual needs – you may require additional disk space if your organisation is data-heavy, often with secondary mirrored disks that allow you to continue working in case of disk failure. Equally, you will have your own unique working patterns, and we specify the processor(s) in your server according to your specific needs.

Robust servers for maximum reliability

We use branded parts and equipment to ensure maximum reliability, and each server comes with a minimum 12-month warranty that covers parts and labour. We test your system and all the software loaded onto it before delivering it to your site in a service-ready condition. Dacom takes the hassle out of buying a new computer system, allowing you to concentrate on running your business. We understand computers so you don’t have to worry about them.

Let us handle all aspects of computer sales and service for your organisation. In addition to reliable server hardware, Dacom also supplies Windows Server 2016 operating software and Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud-based office application suite. Only settle for the best.

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